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ChampsaurValgaudemar is nature and the sun. It is the producers who preserve nature, develop products with unique flavors.

French culinary speciality, Tourtons du Champsaur used to be served on special occasions and were called “Little Jesus Cushions”. This little pillow of thin, fried pastry, generally stuffed with mashed potato, fresh tomatoes and onions, also comes in a variety of variations such as apple, spinach or prunes… Served as a starter with green salad and garlic vinaigrette, or meat, or as a dessert, this iconic Southern Alps dish is an absolute must when you stop-off at the local restaurants and artisan producers!

Oreilles d’âne (‘donkey’s ears’) is a traditional recipe of the Valgaudemar and Champsaur valleys and the region around La Salette-Fallavaux in the French Alps. It’s a gratin casserole of wild spinach and either lasagna or crêpes.

You will be able to taste the lambs of the country, the meal of the goat in autumn, the honey, the milk, the cheeses, the crunchies or the ice creams with mountain flavors (génépy or sea buckthorn) at the restaurants but also directly at the producers, on the markets and local shops.

Market every Sunday morning in Ancelle !